Pearl & Marina

Our Vision is to be the nation's premier brand of Macaron Ice Cream. 
It is our Mission to satisfy everyone's sweet tooth with outstanding full flavored macarons, presented in fun innovative ways to achieve the best macaron experience.

Our Story

We (Pearl & Marina) are both aspiring entrepreneurs. So when a friend introduced us to Macaron Ice cream, we saw an opportunity of getting into business to provide the market with an all new exciting array of flavors!

The III Tier was registered in October 2019 but already had a bumpy ride: No Commercial Kitchen available for start up entrepreneurs and then the pandemic hit. Despite all these setbacks, it did not deter us from moving on. We gave out samples left and right to friends, family and our community so we can test our flavors and get feedback. Let us tell you, the response was amazing! Everybody loved our flavors!

Fast forward to now, we got our commercial kitchen in May 2021 and we are more than ready to pursue our dream of making our business successful. We love to innovate and create something fun and exciting for people to try and we love hearing how they love them!

We dream of everybody raving about our products in every state and city in the country. It’s a big dream but with faith, determination and perseverance, one step at a time, consistently, we will get to where we want to be.